Veterinary Surgical Oncology PDF


Veterinary Surgical Oncology PDF, book is the result of the collaboration between many contributors who belong to the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology (VSSO).

Veterinary Surgical Oncology PDF

Veterinary Surgical Oncology PDF

At its inception, the impetus to write this book was to help fulfill the goals of the VSSO, which include “to disseminate knowledge to help provide the highest possible standard of surgical treatment for cancer and to encourage and promote education in surgical oncology for professional veterinary students, graduate students and house officers, and graduated veterinarians and veterinary surgeons”.

The emphasis of Veterinary Surgical Oncology is on the surgical aspect of treating small animals affected by cancer. This book is not meant to be a full review of small animal oncology as there are several excellent existing textbooks doing so. For instance, this book was not meant to be a comprehensive review of how to diagnose the diseases. Rather, we wanted to concentrate on the surgical procedures, such as those that are not well covered in the literature.

Our goal is to assist decision making and to cover controversies in the field. The reader is expected to have a basic knowledge of general surgical principles and surgical techniques.

We hope you find this book helpful in your practice and education and welcome any comments you may have.

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