Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide PDF

Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide PDF. The Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide is a comprehensive resource designed for use in educational settings, as well as large animal veterinary facilities.

Veterinary Technician’s Large Animal Daily Reference Guide PDF

Veterinary Technician's Large Animal Daily Reference Guide Pdf

This text provides veterinary technicians with detailed information about a wide variety of large animal species. As the veterinary technician profession becomes increasingly diversified, there is a greater need for a text that covers all aspects of veterinary medicine as it relates to large animal species. Practicing veterinary technicians, as well as veterinary technician students, will find this book useful. It is designed not only as a quick reference guide, but also as a detailed collection of information ranging from anatomy and preventative health care to pharmacology and internal medicine and everything in between.

This book was created from the desire to create a textbook that could provide a wide array of information about large animals in one place. Practicing veterinary technicians and students will find it useful, as it will serve as a quick reference guide in practice and also as an all-encompassing resource in the classroom.

The chart and table format of this book supplies the information in an easy-to-utilize manner. All of the information is organized in a way that is designed to enable the reader to look up topics effortlessly and quickly.

Several of the chapters reference many helpful illustrations, pictures, and diagrams that enrich the information in the text. Black-and-white, as well as color, artwork provide meaningful enhancement to the material.

We are proud to have collaborated with some of the industry’s top professionals in authoring the material in each of the chapters. Each individual brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this project, with the end result being this one-of-a-kind collection of large animal veterinary information.

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