What’s My Dog Thinking, Understand Your Dog to Give Them a Happy Life

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What’s My Dog Thinking, Understand Your Dog to Give Them a Happy Life

by Hannah Molloy, Year 2020, File Type: PDF

What's My Dog Thinking, Understand Your Dog To Give Them A Happy Life

Discover the true meaning of dog behavior to form the deepest bond with your canine companion.

What does it really mean when a dog rolls over and shows their tummy? They’re not always looking for a belly rub…

Drawing on the latest research in dog psychology, this book reveals the secret meanings behind more than 80 canine behaviors, including the seven types of dog greetings and why some dogs eat your underwear!

Packed with dog watching tips and positive reinforcement training advice, this book will help you keep your dog happy, stimulated – and adorable!

In order to start working out what your dog is thinking, it’s important to understand how dogs think – in particular, the way they communicate and experience the world, and the key instincts and processes driving their behaviour.

How dogs communicate

Dogs constantly talk to us, and each other, with posture and movement and through sounds and scent – whether we notice it or not! To become a dog detective and understand how your dog thinks, first identify the clues from their postures and sounds, and discover the depth of their world of smell.

We dog body language geeks are always analyzing how a dog stands, what the tail is doing, how the eyes, ears, and mouth look, and lots more. Each part of the body is like a letter in the dog’s body language; together, they form a posture, or “word”, that’s a snapshot of what the dog is saying in that moment.

A fluid, moving sequence of postures gives us the dog’s full “sentence”. This book is full of postures that are analyzed to help you learn to read your dog – while the “Advanced dog watching” features will help you to master more complex full sentences of behaviour. It’s really important to start by simply observing parts of your dog’s body, without trying to analyze them straight away. Each is one piece of the bigger story.

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