Anatomy of the Dog 5th Edition PDF


Anatomy of the Dog 5th Edition PDF. The present revised and enlarged edition is published at a time of change, which is characterized by the new appointment of all anatomically oriented chairs in the German-speaking area.

Anatomy of the Dog Fifth Edition PDF

Anatomy Of The Dog Fifth Edition PDF

The tendency to shorten the time for anatomical education has existed for a longer time, which to a moderate degree seems to be acceptable and unavoidable for the creation of free space for new educational subjects. Because this trend now seems to assume excessive proportions, the danger exists of a partial or even total renunciation of the dissection of the animal body, which since the time of Leonardo da Vinci has been considered a very efficient and essential method of deepening our knowledge.

Anatomy Application: Veterinary Radiographic Anatomy Windows Application 6.0

The deficiency in practical exercises cannot be compensated by our offer of anatomical drawings but will mitigate its negative impact. Especially in the initial phase of the curriculum, our realistic figures in the atlas part of our textbook have the indisputable value that they provide the essential basis for understanding much used sketches and schematic representations. Beyond that, as an illustrated guide to dissection, they promote the proper initiative for an independent dissection and contribute by that to the acquisition of a solid knowledge.

For dissection and pictorial rendition, the topographical-anatomical procedure offers the enormous advantage that comprehensive subjects can be imparted with brevity in a natural reality. For the practicing veterinarian the topographical plates are suitable for orientation at surgical operations.

The consideration of computed tomography, which thanks to Dr Nöller was integrated into the current eighth edition, has the objective to safeguard an attractive field of activity for anatomy. The imparting of normal structure discoverable by computed tomography and supplemented by the presentation of clinical-functional cases creates a solid basis for the further development and application of imaging procedures in the clinical curriculum and later in the practice of veterinary medicine. Password:

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