Life-Threatening Cardiac Emergencies for the Small Animal Practitioner PDF


Life-Threatening Cardiac Emergencies for the Small Animal Practitioner PDF. One of the most frightening emergency presentations for veterinarians is that of a pet with a life-threatening cardiac condition.

Life-Threatening Cardiac Emergencies for the Small Animal Practitioner PDF

Life Threatening Cardiac Emergencies For The Small Animal Practitioner Pdf

Books in the Rapid Reference series are ideal quick references, using a concise, practical approach to provide small animal practitioners with fast access to essential information. Designed to be used at a patient’s side, these books make it easy to quickly diagnose and treat patients. With a spiral binding to lie flat, Rapid Reference books are an indispensable tool for the exam room.

A cat with dull mentation and a heart rate of 110 bpm is a critical emergency as is the dog with a heart rate of 300 bpm. The diagnosis and treatment of these animals cannot wait and in many cases treatment must be instituted before a final diagnosis is reached. Our goal with this book is to create a clear, up-to-date practical guide to help veterinarians streamline the process of treating emergent cardiac patients.

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This book emphasizes the clinical approach in order to facilitate a rapid diagnosis or, in some cases, treatment before the diagnosis is made. The book is filled with numerous ECG images, thoracic radiographs, and echocardiogram images accompanied by clear, concise directives for emergency treatment.

The book is separated into five sections to streamline identification: Bradyarrhythmias, Tachyarrhythmias, Miscellaneous arrhythmias and cardiac conditions, Electrolyte disturbance and the ECG, and Algorithms and drug chart. With a total of six chapters, four algorithms, and a drug chart, all common life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias that occur in small animals are covered.

Additionally, in the “Miscellaneous arrhythmias and cardiac conditions” section, we have added six emergency conditions that are frequently associated with arrhythmias: Congestive heart failure from mitral regurgitation in dogs, congestive heart failure from cardiomyopathy in cats, cardiogenic shock from dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs, arterial thromboembolism in cats, caval syndrome from heartworm disease in dogs, and pericardial effusion in dogs. These were added to give practitioners step-by-step guidance on how to treat the non-arrhythmia aspects of these life-threatening emergencies.

This is a hands-on manual, very low on theory, and it is meant to be used cage side. This book is meant for students (to streamline the material they are learning), veterinarians in training, and veterinarians in practice who need a quick source that enables rapid diagnosis and treatment in the face of a pet with a dangerous cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac emergency.

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