Bee Sting Toxicity in Farm Animals


Bee Sting Toxicity

Bee Sting Toxicity is one of the rare case seen in farm animals. Some bees sting are poisonous and cause swelling at bite site. Today we will discuss about Toxicity.

Bee sting Toxicity

Bee sting Toxicity

Clinical Signs:

Multiple stings by bees may be associated with severe local swelling up to 6 cm diameter, with a stinger in the center. The lips, eyelids, tongue, and vulva are often swollen and painful in severe cases in horses there may be diarrhea, hemoglobinuria, jaundice, tachycardia, cardiac arrythmia, rapid breathing, sweating, and prostration. Animals attacked about the head may show dyspnea because of severe local swelling.


  • local application of a weak solution of ammonia or sodium bicarbonate.
  • tracheotomy if asphyxia threatens.

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