Bovine Reproduction


Bovine Reproduction – Richard M. Hopper, There is an old fable in which three penniless and hungry travelers come to a small town. Unsuccessful in finding work or even a handout, one concocts a novel plan.

Bovine Reproduction

Bovine Reproduction

He goes to the middle of the village carrying three fist-sized rocks and announces with great aplomb that he is planning to make his famous “stone soup.” The skeptical but curious villagers gather. Well of course he needed a kettle and some water. The inquisitive villagers wondered if that was all. “Yes,” he replied, “but it is better with a little garnish to improve the flavor.”

One villager thought that he could spare some carrots, another some potatoes, and a third some meat. This continued with virtually everyone in the village contributing. The result of course was a wonderful soup and everyone enjoyed a fine meal, while experiencing an object lesson in cooperation.

The story bears an ironic resemblance to the development of this text. The editor, like the plucky traveler, personally short on ability and resources but acutely aware of a need, enlisted the assistance of those who possessed both.

Excellent reference texts were available on equine and small animal theriogenology, but a current bovine text was much needed. The goal was to produce a text that would service the needs of the veterinary student and bovine practitioner, as well as the graduate student and resident.

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