Canine and Feline Fracture Repair and Management 2nd Edition


Fracture management has developed rapidly since the first edition of this manual was published. Fully revised and

Canine And Feline Fracture Repair And Management 2nd Editionupdated, this second edition has an increased focus on operative techniques and includes easy to follow guides with specially commissioned full-colour illustrations.

The manual covers the background to fracture management, principles of fracture management, repair and management of specific fractures and the treatment and prevention of complications. New chapters address topics such as minimally invasive surgery, orthopaedic implants and bone grafts.

Manual of Small Animal Fracture Repair and Management, edited by Andrew Coughlan and Andrew Miller, has for many years been an essential text for veterinarians undertaking orthopaedic surgery in small animal practice. The style of the original manual, published in 1998, was unique at the time, providing the perfect balance of a detailed yet readable text with clear colour illustrations to explain the nuances of operative techniques.

There can be few veterinary surgeons performing orthopaedic surgery in recent years who have not referred to the manual at some point for guidance. Indeed, such was the impact of the original manual that that its format was used as a template for subsequent Manuals covering other areas of veterinary medicine in the years to come.

With this new manual we aimed to keep the vernacular of the first edition, using the same clear format with chapters organized into sections covering basic principles, different anatomical regions and complications. Chapters from the original manual have been extensively re-written to convey the advances which have occurred over the past two decades, and several new chapters have been introduced covering emerging areas such as minimally invasive fracture surgery. The original line drawings that were such a benefit in the previous edition of the manual have been retained and expanded, giving practitioners rapid access to essential information when faced with specific fractures. In addition, the clinical images and case examples have been expanded to give context to the concepts being presented.

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