Canine Cancer, Why It Is Rampant, How to Prevent It, and an Exciting New Strategy for Treating Dogs With Cancer

by Dr. Jonathan Nyce, Published: 2020, FileType: PDF

Canine Cancer, Why It Is Rampant, How To Prevent It, And An Exciting New Strategy For Treating Dogs With Cancer

Cancer is wildly out of control in our dogs. The author, a veteran cancer research scientist with more than 40 years of experience, and whose research has been funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has discovered the cause of the extreme rates of cancer in the canine population. In this remarkable book, he shows how dogs developed a species-specific “kill switch” tumor suppression mechanism that closely parallels the human-specific “kill switch” tumor suppression mechanism, and how this parallel evolution enabled the bond and collaboration between humans and dogs to develop. He also shows how this tumor suppression mechanism in modern dogs has become inoperable, and how it can be regenerated to both prevent canine cancer, and to treat cancer in dogs by re-activation of the kill switch. A must read for anyone who loves a dog.

The word cancer comes from the Greek word Karkinos , meaning crab-like or claw-like. It was coined by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, about 2400 years ago, and describes the physical appearance of tumors— hard, like a crab’s shell— and heavily vascularized, the large, truncating blood vessels feeding it seeming to early physicians like a crab’s appendages. And of course, cancer is tenacious, never letting go, just as a crab will not let go once it has gripped you in its pincers. Practical Guide Infectious Diseases in Dogs

If you have had a dog gripped by the pincers of cancer, then you know how tenacious that grip is. You know how relentless cancer is. You know that resorting to chemo is a stopgap measure at best, and too often, an excruciating one. Well, the exciting news in this book is that something new and very different has just been discovered— something that gives every appearance of being able to release both our dogs and ourselves from the pincer-like grip that cancer has held us in for so long.

This discovery is so fundamental, so transformative that it may eliminate cancer as a major disease of both humans and dogs. I do not say this lightly, or without the foundation of a long, productive career to back it up. I have been a professional cancer research scientist for more than 40 years now, 1 and so, through experience, can recognize that what has unfolded right in front of me is so fundamental, so enabling, that it can literally change everything.

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