Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology


Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology Free PDF Download. The Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology is written for all enthusiasts of cytology.

Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology

Clinical Atlas Of Small Animal Cytology Free PDF Download

It aims to be the most clinically friendly cytology resource, through the use of superior quality images and thorough, yet succinct, clinical summaries for common diseases encountered in small animal practice.

Chapter 1 provides a template for a routine approach to examining cytology samples. Normal, incidental, and artifactual findings are discussed to help establish confidence in the interpretation of true pathologic changes. Different cell types, features, and criteria of malignancy are reviewed, and all sections are accompanied by exceptional, representative images. Cells do not always mimic the textbooks– even atlases dedicated to their splendor – and this introductory section will empower clinicians with a strong foundation to extrapolate their findings to the many exciting variations on samples they will encounter in clinical practice.

The Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology provides the highest quality images that are large and clear, with lighting and color that mimic the appearance of samples under the microscope. Multiple images of common lesions are available to account for variations in clinical presentation or appearance. Additionally, this atlas contains only photographs of diseases where the diagnosis was confirmed by pathognomonic cytologic features, histopathology, special stains, microbial culture, or other confirmatory tests. All slides are stained with Romanowsky stains unless otherwise stated.

Clinical information is provided for each disease, based on the most current, relevant, and scientifically sound literature available. The bulleted format of this section allows a comprehensive review for each diagnosis to be condensed into a succinct summary, promoting rapid and efficient access to the most clinically important information to assist in medical decision making.

Above all, it is hoped this book will improve the accessibility, utility and quality of cytology in small animal practice to positively impact patient outcomes.

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