Controlled Reproduction in Sheep and Goats

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Controlled Reproduction in Sheep and Goats

by CABI, Year 1994, File Type: PDF

Controlled Reproduction In Sheep And Goats

More than a decade has passed since the appearance of the book entitled Controlled Breeding in Farm Animals (Pergamon Press), on which this new four-volume series is based. The aim of this second volume of the series is to provide a fairly detailed and up-to-date view of the literature dealing with the many different ways in which reproduction in sheep and goats may be controlled and manipulated. Download: Goat Production Handbook

The hope is that this book Controlled Reproduction in Sheep and Goats will prove to be of value and interest not only to students of animal science and veterinary medicine but also to those concerned with the practical aspects of reproduction control, whether in research, in an advisory capacity or in applying the techniques directly on the farm. Although the book does not concern itself with reproductive disorders or infertility problems, parts of the text will be of interest to veterinary practitioners.

For advanced undergraduates in animal science and veterinary medicine contemplating research in reproductive physiology, the work may provide some insight into the nature and scope of current reproductive technology and of the problems that await solution. It would be foolish to claim that a work such as this can be other than incomplete, in view of the vastness of the literature, but an attempt has been made to ensure that most statements of substance are backed by an appropriate reference.

It should be emphasized that the text covers areas such as embryo transfer technology in which there is considerable research activity; for many readers, the chapters may serve as nothing more than a starting point in seeking information on their particular interests.

A major objective of the work is to draw attention to information that may be used directly to increase the worldwide efficiency of sheep and goat production systems. This volume has been distilled from research and teaching interests in the UK, the USA and Ireland, spanning a period of more than 40 years.

Buffaloes, goats, deer and camelids have been added to the species covered by the series compared to the previous book. All volumes provide comprehensive reference lists and are fully up-to-date. This second volume focuses on sheep and goats. It will appeal to reproductive physiologists and workers in animal production, animal breeding and veterinary medicine.

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