Difference between Proteolysis and Deamination


Hello students, hope your weekend is going good. i am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will surely discuss about proteolysis and deamination. Before starting this topic do tell me what you already knew about these terminologies.

Proteolysis and Deamination

complete explanation of these is given below;

Difference between Proteolysis and Deamination

Difference between Proteolysis and Deamination


Proteolysis is the breakdown of proteins ( proteins are chains of polypeptides having well defined three dimensional structure.) into simpler substances. it is a broader term which consists of steps. All steps of protein breakdown are given below.

Proteins are either crude, true or non-protein nitrogen. Breakdown of True proteins and NPN is totally different. True proteins contains amino acids, while NPN contain nitrogen.

Mechanism of Proteolysis:

In ruminants proteins are breakdown in rumen and small intestine. Proteins are breakdown into polypeptides with the help of enzyme called peptidase produce by bacteria and protozoa, polypeptides are metabolized into peptides with the help of enzyme called peptidase. Peptides are catalyzed into Peptones and Proteosis with the help of enzyme named Proteases. Peptones are primary product of protein metabolism. Peptones are breakdown into amino acids with the help of proteases.

NPN contain urea which is catalyzed by ureases ( an enzyme produce my ruminal bacteria no protozoal species can produce it) into ammonia.


Deamination is the breakdown of amino acids into ammonia and keto-acids. Deamination occurs with the help of deaminase enzyme.

Both of these terminologies are completely different from each other.



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