Difference Between Sugars and Non-Sugars


Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we discuss about sugars and  Non- sugars and there use in animal nutrition including poultry and ruminants.

Difference Between Sugars and Non-Sugars

Difference Between Sugars and Non-Sugars

Both of them are called as carbohydrates. If both are carbohydrates (hydrates of carbon or poly hydroxy alehydes or ketones) then what is the difference between them.

Sugars and Non-Sugars

What are sugars?

Thee are simple carbohydrates and have different properties than non-sugars. These are sweet in taste, these are simple monosaccharide like glucose or fructose. Fructose is called as sweetest of all, its sweetness is 174% of the sucrose. If upto 10 monosaccharide units linked together by glycosidic bond then these are called as sugars. Examples, Glucose, fructose, mannose, maltose, sucrose, rafinose etc.

What are non-sugars?

These are complex carbohydrates, these are tasteless including, cellulose,pectin, lignin etc. If more than 10 monosaccharide units linked together by glycosidic bond then these are called as non-sugars. Examples, glycans, lavans, cellulose, glycogen, most of hormones, pectin, lignin.


in poultry nutrition simple sugars are used because they do not have bacterial or in other words they do not have rumen. They cannot breakdown complex sugars like cellulose. these are indigestible in poultry. Most of birds cannot digest lactose an oligoscchride  because of absence of lactase enzyme. High fibrous diet in poultry is a serious problem. In poultry fermentation occur in caeca.

In Ruminants carbohydrates are used either as sugars or either as non-sugars. complex carbohydrates are digestible is ruminants because of large digestible vessel called as rumen in which bacteria, protozoa and fungi are present which digest these carbohydrates and generate volatile fatty acids these acids are either used in increasing milk volume or milk fat. Fermentation occured in rumen because of bacteria, ruminants can produce cellulase enzyme.

Hope you understand these terms better now. Thanks for reading.


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