Encyclopedia of Feline Clinical Nutrition

Encyclopedia of Feline Clinical Nutrition

By Pascale Pibot, Denise Elliott, Vincent Biourge, Year 2008, FileType: PDF

Encyclopedia Of Feline Clinical Nutrition

Good overview of clinical nutrition. Organized by disease processes/problem solving oriented approach. Heads up, you can get this book FREE from your Royal Canin representative if you are working clinical practice!

As with the book dedicated to dogs, this Encyclopedia deliberately pushes the boundries of what is generally expected og the genre. it’s presentation, breezy and richly illustrated, will have everyone who flicks through wanting to immerse themselves in it’s contents. It is quite simply the most up-to-date reference work on the subject.

The interaction between nutrition and immunity is complex, bi-directional, and incompletely understood. Nutrition can modify immunity by enhancing, suppressing, or changing the nature of an immune response. Immunity can be affected by diet in utero, and at the time of mounting a response.

Nutrients of importance in this regard include glutamine, arginine, PUFA, carotenoids, and genistein. Nutrients can act as fuel, precursors for mediators, antioxidants, modifiers of gene transcription, and inhibitors of cellular functions. Defects in almost any essential nutrient can impair immunity, but also nutrient excess in obesity. Whether either suppression or enhancement is good or bad depends upon the specific disease state, and the individual patient. Veterinary Immunology 10th Edition

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