Hi-Pro Veterinary Compendium

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Hi-Pro Veterinary Compendium

Hi Pro Veterinary Compendium

What is the Hi-Pro Farm Supplies Veterinary Compendium? Hi-Pro Farm Supplies Veterinary Compendium is a complete detailed composition providing key, concise information of all the veterinary products available at Hi-Pro Farm Supplies. This is a comprehensive first edition comprised of the Products/Trade Names, Active Ingredients, Uses, Directions for Use, Withdrawal Time, Pharmaceutical Precautions of all veterinary Products available.
This Compendium includes:

• Over 200 Products, with datasheets covering all species of animals.
• All drugs are categorized based on their uses, and respective page numbers.
• A Glossary, for ease of identification of pages.
• All aspects of health and production of the major economically important livestock and poultry species products have been featured.

Who uses the Veterinary Compendium?

Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Farmers, Farm Store Owners, Students, Researchers, Extension Officers, Producers, Breeders of livestock and poultry, Medical Technologists, Farm managers, Marketers and Distributors, Industry Managers( Hatchery Managers), Technical Sales Personnel, Nutritionists, Lecturers, and Government Departments( Ministry Of Agriculture and Ministry Of Health). Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Procedures

The Pharmaceutical drugs enclosed in this compendium include Prescription and non-Prescription drugs. This compendium is designed to inform readers of the products available at Hi-Pro Farm Supplies. It is not to be used for the diagnosis and treatment of animals. For proper diagnosis and treatment of animals, always consult your local Veterinarian.

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