Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition 2nd Edition


Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition 2nd Edition

Edited by: Michael R BedfordGary Partridge, November 2010 File Type: PDF

Enzymes In Farm Animal Nutrition 2nd Edition

Covering all aspects of the addition of enzymes to animal feeds, this book discusses topics including interactions with animal physiology, economic and environmental impacts and technology.

This new edition brings the reader up to date with the considerable advances in feed enzyme technology of the last decade. It includes a discussion of new classes of enzymes introduced into the market place, an exploration of how these products function and the size and scope of their use in the global industry with new methods for evaluation of enzyme responses.

The practical challenge remains to identify when feed enzyme use is best justified. The huge number of factors that can contribute to an enzyme response have to be brought together into a composite, and easy to understand, application recommendation. Such descriptive models are beginning to appear, and are making enzyme use more of a science than an art, which was the challenge identified in the first edition of this book. Download: Human Diseases from Wildlife

There is still a considerable way to go, however, particularly as the use of more than one enzyme in a feed is now becoming commonplace, and consequently begs the question whether the subsequent response will be sub-additive, additive or potentially synergistic. It is likely in the next decade that enzyme use will be more individually tailored to the needs of specific feed formulations than is currently the case, thereby further maximizing the value of feed enzyme addition.

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Book Name: Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition 2nd Edition
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