Protozoal Abortion in Farm Ruminants

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Protozoal Abortion in Farm Ruminants

By L Ortega-Mora, B Gottstein, F Conraths, D Buxton, Year 2007, File Type: PDF

Protozoal Abortificients In Farm Ruminants

The farm ruminant industry which is at the core of livestock agriculture in Europe and the rest of the world, suffers major economic loss every year due to reproductive dysgenesis. Protozoal diseases cause abortion in ruminants and therefore its diagnosis is vital in improving the health and welfare of farm livestock.

The book Protozoal Abortifacients in Farm Ruminants is a collective effort from international scientists involved in an EU COST Action. Carefully selected methodologies, presented in a simple and practical form, means laboratories can carry their research out with precision.

Benefit will accrue to farmers, as early diagnosis frequently leads to successful treatment at a lower cost and with lower or zero economic loss. The consumer also stands to gain, since some of the diseases are zoonotic. Early diagnosis and treatment reduces the risk of spreading the disease to man. Download:Kirkbride’s Diagnosis of Abortion and Neonatal Loss in Animals 4th Edition PDF

Finally, while we may debate on the degree of suffering and discomfort that animals suffering from such diseases may experience, few would disagree that early diagnosis and treatment is one of the first and most important contributions that can be made to animal welfare overall.

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Book Name: Protozoal Abortion in Farm Ruminants
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