Equine Fracture Repair 2nd Edition


Equine Fracture Repair 2nd Edition, Offers a long-awaited Second Edition of this comprehensive, state-of-the-art reference for fracture repair in horses.

Equine Fracture Repair 2nd Edition

Equine Fracture Repair 2nd Edition

The Second Edition of Equine Fracture Repair has been thoroughly revised and updated to present the most current information on fracture repair in horses. Written to be accessible, the text is logically arranged, presenting the most authoritative information on equine fracture repair with explanations of the expected outcomes. The book provides valuable insight as to whether a fracture should be repaired, the degree of difficulty of the procedure, and a wealth of practical information on surgical techniques.

This fully revised Second Edition offers a valuable tool for veterinarians making clinical decisions when faced with horse fractures, covering emergency care and splinting, the most current innovative techniques in equine fracture repair, and new implant systems. With contributions from leading experts in the field, the revised edition continues to be the essential reference to the subject. This essential resource:

  • Offers a revised edition of the most comprehensive reference on the repair of fracture in horses, with complete information on patient assessment, emergency splinting and casting, and guidance in treatment choices
  • Includes contributions from leading experts in the field
  • Presents information organized by fracture type for quick access
  • Provides valuable outcome assessment with helpful discussions of the degree of difficulty to aid in case management, incorporating information on the newest techniques and implant systems
  • Concludes with extensive information on the identification and management of complications associated with fractures and repair methods

This revised and updated edition of Equine Fracture Repair continues to provide a comprehensive resource for understanding the most effective and current techniques available for the treatment of fractures in horses.

The presentation of new techniques in fracture repair has been enhanced by the excellent artwork of Michael Simmons, who also contributed numerous drawings to the first edition. These illustrations provide a valuable teaching resource for both trainees and experienced surgeons. I am also pleased to acknowledge the extensive assistance of the surgery and imaging technicians in the preparation of the materials in many chapters of this book. In the period between the first and second editions, digital radiography has been introduced, which has meant that many of the examples are now represented by pre‐ and postoperative digital radio-graphs, and three‐dimensional imaging, of exquisite detail.

Numerous examples of fractures and their variations are included to provide a comprehensive illustration of fracture types and repair choices. The patience of the Wiley team as we extensively updated and expanded this book into its second edition is much appreciated.

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Equine Fracture Repair 2nd Edition

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