How to Become Billionaire Through Broiler Farming


In this modern era of technology everyone wants to become a billionaire but how to become a billionaire is not that much easier. I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today i will guide you about the Broiler farming bussniss and through this business you will definitely increase your wealth and your dream of becoming rich might come true.

Broiler Farming

Broiler Farming

Broilers are chickens raised mainly for meat production, this is one aspect of poultry farming system which are used to generate money in a very short time. Period requires on how to raise broiler to meet market demand are less than eight weeks and about three months.

You will be wonder how will you be making money from broiler you raised in less than eight weeks, this is possible and very simple methods are requires.

Though like other aspect of poultry farming, there are some things you need to know before you engage yourself in the business.

This article will lay more emphasis on how to begin making money from  broiler farming in less than eight weeks, these are what to do:

  1. Collecting the day old chickens
  2. Brooding operation
  3. Correct vaccination and medication
  4. Out of brooding stage
  5. Marketing your young broilers

Before you continue, I will like you to take every steps seriously and do not joke with any of them. If you do, you will not get the best from your effort, because these are the steps I followed that yielded me a great result.

Don’t be confused just followed the one after the other.

  1. First step on how to raise broilers is collecting day old chickens from reliable source

The first thing to do is getting your chicken ready and available at the right time. This is where so many people are getting it wrong, investigate the best source to get chicken from.

This determine what you will achieved t the end, try to get the best you can. If you get the breeds that will not develop well, no amount of care and attention you will give that will make them do well, just because that is the breed you get.

Broiler farming is lucrative business, venture into it will make your life better and do not consume much of your time.

  1. Brooding operation is another step on how to raise broilers

I will say this determine the entire project outcome, the operation here are require perfect concentration so as to come out the best result.

Just put your mind at rest every thing you need to know about brooding operations are present in details, just click brooding operation for details and you will not miss any step.

  1. Correct vaccination and medication helps on broilers production

Just like other animals in the poultry, for your broilers to do well they must be given some level of medical attention. There are some vaccines that you must administer to them, as a matter of compulsory and urgent.

Some disease are better prevented that treatment, so the best way is vaccinating them against such disease.

Aside this, so many a times, the cost of vaccination is lesser than the cost of treatment. so, on how to raise broilers, I will recommend proper medication and vaccination, consult your veterinary doctors for this operations.

  1. How to raise broilers when they are out from brooding room

Now that your birds are just out of the brooding room, they need to acclimatize to their new environment, how? Just move them in and cover the whole place with nylon, the windows and doors.

But in case you make use of wire net do cover the place as well to control the amount of air that comes in and out of the place. In the process of how to raise broilers, you will allow them here for about two to three weeks plus the number of days in the brooding room, this will be around five to six weeks old.

Then you are almost done, you have a few step to go and be making your money.

  1. Marketing your young broilers is another step on how to raise broilers

This is very good important point that we need to pay more attention. In your environment you know where the big men are leaving, you will be wonder why I mention big men?

They are the set of people that can buy them from you, let me use this word, they are the targeted people so locate their route. If you are able to get one, that is good job.

Now that they are big enough, it is time to sell  your broilers, how? You this in your closet, no one knows about what your plan is?

So take them to the identify place or location, my dear reader you are almost done, in fact you are their already.

This is the stage of getting our money from selling our young broilers. Now that your broiler is between seven and eight weeks old, you need to value them base on their sizes.

How are you going to do this? Add up your expenditure to know the total amount spent on raising them to these valuable sizes in total.

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