Fish Diseases and Disorders: Volume 3: Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections


This third and final volume in the acclaimed Fish Diseases and Disorders trilogy addresses infectious diseases of

Fish Diseases And Disorders Volume 3 Viral Bacterial And Fungal Infections finfish and shellfish caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Topics covered include infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, infectious hematopoictic necrosis virus, viral diseases of cold and warm-water fish, rickettsial and chlamydial infections, furunculosis, motile aeromonads, vibriosis, flavobacterial diseases and shellfish diseases. Written by experts in each discipline and updated throughout to reflect new developments in the field, including new chapters on alphaviruses, oncogenic viruses and genomics and proteomics, this is a must-have reference for fish health specialists and veterinarians, microbiologists, zoologists and researchers and students in aquaculture.

This comprehensive volume covers the major viral, bacterial and fungal diseases in fin- and shellfishes. It completes the three-volume series on fish diseases and disorders; Volume I (published in 1995) is on parasitic diseases in fin- and shellfishes while Volume II (published in 1998) deals with non-infectious disorders in finfish. Reviews in the three volumes are written by international authorities that are actively working in the area or have contributed greatly to our understanding of specific piscine diseases or disorders. Authors in the present book are experts on infectious microbial diseases, and are from North America, Europe and Asia.

The secondary audience includes parasitologists and environmental toxicologists who may wish to initiate research programmes on the combined effects of microbial and parasitic infections on fish health and the synergistic effects of pollutants on microbial diseases. We expect this secondary audience to increase as it becomes evident that this combined effect can have a great impact on fish health and production and that fish health can also be used as an indicator of problems in the aquatic ecosystem.

The second edition of this book represents a major update on the viral, bacterial and oomycete disorders of finfish and shellfish. Since publication of the first edition (in 1999), considerable advances have been made and therefore all the chapters have been thoroughly revised. The new and more eloquent research and current techniques have extended our knowledge and understanding of these infectious organisms.

We are pleased that researchers from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia have been involved in updating this book. With the addition of new information, some of the older texts in the original chapters have been condensed; this is to ensure we have focused and comprehensive reviews. For this edition, we have also deleted and/or combined a couple of the original chapters, and have commissioned three new chapters (Chapter 6 on ‘Alphaviruses’, Chapter 7 on ‘Oncogenic Viruses’ and Chapter 21 on ‘Genomics of Finfish and Shellfish Microbial Pathogens’), which have been written by new authors.

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