At the present time no textbook which deals exclusively with the protozoan diseases of animals of veterinary

Veterinary Protozoologyimportance in North America has been published. Several very useful reference books have been written on the morphology and life histories of protozoan diseases of animals but those which are of importance to the veterinarian have not been readily available. During the past several years of teaching protozoology and parasitology the writers have felt the need of a handbook for veterinary students, practicing veterinarians and agricultural students

The present book is an attempt to fulfill this need. The volume gives a brief description of the protozoan parasites of domestic animals and the diseases they cause. It is intended as a practical treatise with emphasis on morphology, life histories, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and control of the parasitic protozoa which occur in the domestic animals of North America.

It may also be helpful and useful to protozoologists, zoologists, biologists, parasitologists and public health workers This book is an outgrowth of lecture material of courses on Veterinary Protozoology and Veterinary Parasitology which the writers have given during the past few years to students in the College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin and students in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State College.

Since our knowledge of certain protozoan diseases of our domestic animals is culte meager, as shown throughout this text, it is hoped that calling attention to these scientific gape will stimulate investigators to pursue research further in order to obtain the solution to some of these perplexing, but important problem.

The writers have collaborated and conferred with each other on all phases of this book for the purpose of obtaining adequate unification of the subject matter. Both authors assume responsibility for all of the chapters presented
In a book of this kind errors will appear despite every effort to eliminate them. Contentiously, the writers welcome any helpful suggestions or constructive criticisms. Calling errors to our attention will prevent their appearance in future editions.

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