Fundamentals of Laboratory Animal Science


Fundamentals of Laboratory Animal Science Free PDF Download. Laboratory animals have become increasingly important for biomedical research, and it is estimated that approximately 70% of biomedical research is associated with the use of experimental animals.

Fundamentals of Laboratory Animal Science

Fundamentals Of Laboratory Animal Science Free PDF Download

For just over a century the Nobel Prize has been awarded each year in recognition of the world’s greatest biomedical advances. Of the 106 Nobel Prizes awarded for physiology or medicine, 95 were directly dependent on animal study. Animal experiments not only expand our knowledge of science, but also greatly improve human and animal health.

Since 1900, animal research achievements have helped extend the longevity of Americans by approximately 25 years. However, there are those who disapprove of animal research because they believe such experiments to be expensive and harmful to animals. Therefore, it is incumbent on researchers to find a way to effectively implement animal study based on the 3Rs (reduction, replacement, and refinement) principle and animal welfare.

The curriculum of Laboratory Animal Science is provided in the majority of medical schools and agriculture universities in the world. However, a suitable and practical textbook that contains state-of-the-art techniques is still lacking. In 2004, 2008, and 2014, with the assistance of the Chinese Ministry of Health, we success-fully published two books in Chinese titled Medical Laboratory Animal Science and Animal Models of Human Diseases, which have been used as the standard text-books for graduate school students in China and have become best sellers in medical schools in China.

Recently, after consultation with professionals who perform biomedical studies using laboratory animal models, we feel that it is necessary to publish a textbook of Laboratory Animal Science in English for readers worldwide. For this purpose, we decided to compile the current textbook, which will be useful for teaching and training in this field. This book focuses on theoretical instruction, experimental operation, and skills training, and systematically covers both basic information of laboratory animals and techniques for animal experiments.

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