Veterinary Practice Management: A Practical Guide 2nd Edition


Veterinary Practice Management: A Practical Guide (Second Edition) – Maggie Shilcock BSc(Hons)Zoology CMS Post Grad Dip Librarianship, Georgina Stutchfield BSc CVPM.

Veterinary Practice Management: A Practical Guide 2nd Edition

Veterinary Practice Management A Practical Guide Second Edition

Many veterinary owners and partners have found juggling clinical and management roles increasingly difficult, and have employed practice managers and administrators to help them run their businesses.

This book is intended as a guide for all those involved in the management of veterinary practices – managers, administrators, partners and owners. Those who work closely with practices, such as professional advisors and suppliers, will also find it a valuable insight into the structure, operation and management of veterinary practice.

It is a practical guide to management techniques and processes, covering all aspects of veterinary practice management. It will be valuable to both newcomers to the field as well as more experienced individuals, and is intended to be used as a practical tool for help and guidance in the day-to-day management of veterinary practice.

This second edition has addressed the issues which have impacted upon veterinary practice in the years since the book was first published, as well as incorporating a new chapter aimed at helping the newly appointed manager through their first months in veterinary practice.

The authors have many years experience as veterinary practice managers in mixed and small-animal practice. They felt there was a need for a veterinary management book that was practical, realistic and which would enable managers to put theory into practice.

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