Fundamentals of Toxicology Essential Concepts and Applications


Fundamentals of Toxicology: Essential Concepts and Applications provides a crisp, easy-to-understand overview of the

Fundamentals Of Toxicology Essential Concepts And Applicationsmost important concepts, applications, and ideas needed to learn the basics of toxicology. Written by a pre-eminent toxicologist with over five decades of teaching experience, this comprehensive resource offers the hands-on knowledge needed for a strong foundation in the wide field of toxicology. Fundamentals of Toxicology includes a clear structure divided into five units to assist learning and understanding.

The first unit provides extensive coverage on the background of toxicology including commonly used definitions and historical perspective, while following units cover: basic concepts; regulatory requirements and good laboratory practices, including types of toxicology testing and evaluation; toxic agents and adverse effects on health; and analytical, forensic, and diagnostic toxicology. This is an essential book for advanced students in toxicology and across the biomedical sciences, life sciences, and environmental sciences who want to learn the concepts of toxicology, as well as early researchers needing to refresh outside of their specialty.

Key Features

  • Explains the essential concepts of toxicology in a clear fashion
  • Provides in-depth coverage of testing protocols, common drugs, chemicals, and laboratory-based diagnostic and analytical toxicology
  • Explores the history, foundations, and most recent concepts of toxicology
  • Serves as an essential reference for advanced students in toxicology and across the biomedical, life, and environmental sciences who want to learn the concepts of toxicology

This book is intended to provide a better understanding for those involved in formal courses in graduate programs in toxicology and for those individuals who wish to partake in self-study to be accredited by various toxicology organizations. I hope that this book will facilitate the training of toxicologists who are required to have multidisciplinary knowledge in areas like environmental health and clinical and forensic toxicology (detection of intentional or unintentional toxic substances).

In addition, this book will be useful in private commercial laboratories, for material science toxicology (biomedical and engineering disciplines), for educators (courses in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, agricultural, and veterinary practice), and, finally, for collecting, storing, and retrieving toxicology information.

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