Genomics and Biotechnological Advances in Veterinary Poultry and Fisheries


Genomics and Biotechnological Advances in Veterinary Poultry and Fisheries

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Genomics And Biotechnological Advances In Veterinary, Poultry And Fisheries

Despite that we are in the 21st century and have most of advanced technologies in hand, malnutrition, food scarcity, and death due to starvation are frequently found in various parts of the world. Biotechnology-based food revolution is restricted mainly to cereals, vegetables, and few meat producing animals and poultry birds. Currently, an overwhelming number of research articles and books are available on both plant and animal biotechnology. However, a book summarizing applications of genomics and biotechnology related to veterinary, pets, poultry, and fisheries are not available. Such a resource is essential for the animal biotechnology research community to understand the latest knowledge and trends in this field so that it can be utilized for improving the fodder-animal traits and meet the needs of human beings.

To overcome these issues and fill the gaps, we have come up with Genomics and Biotechnological Advances in Veterinary, Poultry and Fisheries to provide a literature resource in this area. This is a comprehensive reference book based on up-to-date published literature covering important topics so that it helps guide animal bio technologists, veterinary clinicians, and fishery scientists to understand the latest advances in these fields in detail; to get a brief overview and applications for cattle, pet animals, poultry, marine, and animal pathogen genomics; to understand the markers to improve farm animals and fishery; to learn recent approaches in cloning and transgenic cattle, poultry, and fish production; to get an idea of genome editing in veterinary animals and poultry birds; to understand molecular diagnosis of cattle, poultry, and fish; and to get an account of next-generation vaccines for cattle, poultry, and fish. In this book, we have included 20 chapters divided into 4 sections.

Section 1 (Introduction) comprises three chapters: The first chapter (Chapter 1: Cattle genomics: genome projects, current status, and future applications) by Dr. Mukhopadhyay and colleagues provides an overview of cattle genomics and related projects, their current status, and future applications. In Chapter 2, Meta genomics revealing new virus species in farm and pet animals and aqua-culture, meta genomics applications for virus species identification for fishery, farm, and pet animals are discussed by Dr. Banyai’s group. An overview of genome editing in economically important animals is given in Chapter 3, Genome editing in animals: an overview, by Dr. Sarkar and colleagues.

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Section 2 discusses biotechnological approaches for farm and pet animals in five chapters. Dr. Deb and team in Chapter 4, Genetic markers for improving farm animals, have provided a detailed account on genetic markers to help improve farm animals. In the next two chapters genome editing is discussed by Dr. Kumar’s team on the applications of genome editing in farm animals (Chapter 5: Applications of genome editing in farm animals) while Dr. Sohal’s group discusses this for pet animals (Chapter 6: Applications of the genome editing in pet world). Reverse genetics applications to improve animal health is given in Chapter 7, Modulation of animal health through reverse genetics applications, by Dr. Pawar and colleagues. The last chapter (Chapter 8: Animal models: bridging cross-species variation through animal biotechnology) in this section, by Dr. Babar’s team, deals with animal models used in animal biotechnology.

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