Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students 3rd Edition


Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students 3rd Edition

Author(s): Laurie J. Buell in 2017, File Type: PDF

Assessing Essential Skills Of Veterinary Technology Students 3rd Edition

Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students Third Edition provides students and instructors with clear guidance on how to evaluate student performance of skills required to enter the veterinary technology profession.

Provides students with clear guidance on the capabilities they are expected to demonstrate and how they will be evaluated Gives instructors a standardized framework for assessing students’ performance Offers tools for comparing standards of competency Covers management, pharmacology, medical nursing, anesthesia and analgesia, surgical nursing, laboratory procedures, radiography, laboratory animal care, and exotic animal nursing Includes access to a companion website with a downloadable log for recording progress.

Veterinary technicians and technologists are highly educated and skilled professionals who team with veterinarians to offer state of the art veterinary care. Clearly, to succeed in the increasingly complex and sophisticated fields of veterinary science and medicine, the veterinary technology student must learn solid technical skills.

However, today’s veterinary technology student also must develop the ability to make competent decisions based on knowledge of veterinary science and medicine as learned in the classroom and through practical experience. It is the role of the veterinary technology educator to help each student attain requisite skills, knowledge, and decision making capabilities and, then, to evaluate each student’s competencies.

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These facts present significant challenges in assessing the veterinary technology student. To some degree, the evaluation of any student’s competency is inherently subjective, even when the performance of a technical skill is being assessed. How, then, does the veterinary technology educator take steps to minimize subjectivity when evaluating each student’s ability to make informed judgments based on a strong foundation of knowledge?

How does one define standards of competence in keeping with an entry level veterinary technician? When comparing veterinary technology programs, how does one attempt to evaluate whether or not standards are at all consistent or equivalent? One answer to these questions may lie in construction of explicit assessment criteria.

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