Guide Pratique de Médecine Bovine


Practical Guide to Bovine Medicine, For centuries, cattle have been the main source of production of meat and air and in some countries cattle are used for more animals.

Practical Guide to Bovine Medicine

Practical Guide to Bovine Medicine

The disease, leading to a decline in production or death, can have economic consequences for a community whose rationale is based on livestock age. This atla tries to use the clinical signs of more than 360 diseases. This has minor pathologies such as tail necrosis (secondary to an identification band poe), major infectious diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest, which can cause havoc they introduced clans of pay or previously unaffected areas. In endemic areas, which all too often include developing countries lacking natural resources, these diseases can be a constant source of severe economic losses.

We have deliberately excluded the microscopic anatomo-pathological and cytological illutrations, too many names for the space available. Our objective was to develop a comprehensive analysis of the general characteristics of a wide variety of diseases throughout the world.

In presenting this first draft of a comprehensive monolithic atlas on livestock diseases, the authors are aware that some areas may be overlooked. Any suggestions for improving the manual for a second edition will be welcome. We hope that this book will contribute to facilitating and improving the diagnosis of livestock diseases, thus enabling the early establishment of appropriate treatment and ophthalmic measures.

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