Handbook of Functional Dairy Products


Functional dairy products have been the focus of intense research and product development over the last two

Handbook Of Functional Dairy Productsdecades. At last, this valuable information has been compiled into one resource that reveals key advances in functional dairy ingredients and products and identifies directions for marketing and product development. Handbook of Functional Dairy Products explores the product development process and the market dynamics driving product innovation. Chapters examine specific ingredients and products, safety and technology issues, the impact of biotechnology, the regulatory environment, and the communication of health benefits. Emphasis is placed on the potential contribution of functional dairy products in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease, and includes in-depth discussions of the selection, production, and benefits of probiotics, dairy-derived carbohydrates and prebiotics, bio-active peptides, the immune modulating effects of dairy ingredients, the health effects of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and calcium and iron fortification.With a wealth of new research findings and insightful guidance for food product developers, this comprehensive reference is a must for everyone involved in the science, development, and marketing of functional dairy products.

The current volume, Handbook of Functional Dairy Products, edited by leading food scientists Drs. Colette Shortt and John O’Brien, addresses the most recent developments in functional dairy ingredients and products, with a clear focus on the effect of these foods and their active ingredients on human health. This book contains 14 outstanding chapters dealing with probiotic lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, lactose hydrolyzed products, trans-galactooligosaccharides as prebiotics, conjugated linoleic acid and its antiatherogenic potential and inhibitory effects on chemically induced tumors, immunoenhancing properties of milk components and probiotics, and calcium and iron fortification of dairy products.

The potential health benefits of casein-phosphopeptides are also evaluated, and technological opportunities, safety assurance of functional dairy products, developing a dossier to support a functional food, impact of biotechnology for the nutritional enhancement of dairy foods, and communication of the benefits of functional dairy products are addressed.

The book also provides an interesting overview of the market dynamics and the drivers behind the development of functional dairy products. It is noted that there is an opportunity to develop and market dairy products, especially probiotics, that target selected age groups and people in specific disease states and those who have had their microflora compromised (irradiation patients, intestinal surgery patients, post-antibiotic treatment). This and other opportunities will become more real as our understanding of the role that intestinal bacteria play in human health improves, and as new strains of microorganisms with characteristics that make them more effective ingredients in food products are identified and fully characterized.

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