Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests 5th Edition

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Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests 5th Edition

by Kathleen Deska Pagana; Timothy J. Pagana in October 2019

This book provides the user with an up-to-date, extensive manual that allows rapid access to clinically relevant

Mosby S Manual Of Diagnostic And Laboratory Tests, 5th Edition

laboratory and diagnostic tests. A unique feature of this manual is its consistent format, which provides a comprehensive approach to laboratory and diagnostic tests.

Tests are categorized according to either the method of testing (e.g., x-ray, ultrasound, nuclear scan) or the type of specimen (e.g., blood, urine, stool) used for testing. Every chapter of this book is based on this categorization. Each chapter begins with an alphabetical listing of all tests in the chapter to aid the user in locating discussions quickly. An overview follows the list and contains general information concerning test methods and related patient care.

This quick reference handbook offers clear, concise coverage of over 700 of the most commonly performed diagnostic and laboratory tests ― including 39 new to this edition. Trusted authors, Kathleen Pagana, PhD, RN and Timothy Pagana, MD, FACS, bring together a comprehensive collection of full color designs, illustrations and photos to show exactly how various tests are performed. Related tests are grouped by chapter and presented in a consistent format to facilitate a full understanding of each type of diagnostic test.

  • UNIQUE! Coverage of the clinical significance of test results explains why a given test result indicates specific diseases.
  • Full-color design clarifies key concepts, procedures, and testing techniques.
  • Related Tests sections list tests that provide similar information or are used to evaluate the same body system, disease process, or symptom.
  • NEW! Unique front section on coding for diagnostic and laboratory tests (ICD-10) provides explanations of the coding requirements and challenges for diagnostic testing along with codes for all tests in the manual.
  • NEW! 39 of the most current laboratory and diagnostic tests have been added to this new edition to reflect current best practices.
  • NEW! Updated photographs and illustrations reflect the latest changes in testing equipment.

The 700 laboratory and diagnostic tests in this reference are divided into 12 sections according to the body fluid analyzed or the type of scan performed. Each entry explains the basic pathophysiology behind the test, summarizes patient care and the procedure, and lists normal findings, critical values, indications, contraindications, potential complications, interfering factors, the clinical significance of test results, and related tests.

The fourth edition adds 30 studies including breast cancer genomics, intravascular ultrasound, computed tomography of the heart, and platelet closure time. Online access is included.”

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