Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice

By David Prydie in 2015, File Type: PDF

Practical Physiotherapy For Small Animal Practice

Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice provides a concise and accessible introduction to physiotherapy that demonstrates its benefits to both veterinary patients and practitioners.  One of the fastest growing specialties in veterinary medicine, this book will help you to successfully introduce physiotherapy into your practice improving rehabilitation and recovery of dogs and cats.

Physiotherapy on dogs and cats has been practiced for well over 25 years. The benefits for patients and practices have been clearly demonstrated. This said, there is still little undergraduate training and the majority of practices offer little or no physiotherapy. A lot of people within the profession are aware of physiotherapy but are not quite sure what it involves.

Key features of Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice:

  • Covers an array of different treatments and techniques, such as manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, and hydrotherapy
  • Includes practical advice on selecting equipment, examinations, treatment protocols, and charging
  • Offers strategies for introducing physiotherapy into the practice schedule, including space and staffing requirements
  • Companion website provides over 50 printable client education handouts for download

This textbook is aimed at veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and others who want to know more about physiotherapy in small animals. These people may be considering introducing physiotherapy to their practice or considering a training course. We have tried to explain what physiotherapy is and how it is of benefit to the animal, owner and practice. For those who want more details and evidence of the benefits of physiotherapy in small animals, please refer to the Further Readings section.

Download More: Common Clinical Presentations in Dogs and Cats by Ryane

The textbook Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice from a practical point of view with advice on selection of equipment, examination, treatment protocols and charging. Our writings and recommendations are based on the cases that we see and treat on a daily basis. We have included chapters on healing and anatomy as they form the basis of treatment protocols and examination. The textbook is by no means definitive and it is important for each therapist to develop his/her own examination and treatment protocols. How-ever, this can only be done with experience of cases. This textbook offers a starting place that can then be adapted and built upon.

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