Principles of Dairy Management


Principles of Dairy Management By P. Venkateshwara RaoJune 2008, Dairying is the business of producing milk,

Principles Of Dairy Managementbutter, cheese and other milk products, and entails an industry which is continually growing the world over, with an annual turnover of nearly $500 billion. With mechanisation pervading nearly every arena of the agricultural process, dairy management has had to incorporate the principles and techniques which define the latest technology with age-old practices, leading to a pertinent amalgamation of the old with the new, an essential feature of the dairy farm endeavour.

With the increasing insistence on health and safety checks, the relevance of these principles of dairy management has undertaken a whole new dimension altogether.

This text aims to acquaint dairy farmers with the most essential and relevant principles of the science of dairy management, taking care to thoroughly entrench them in the basic concepts, practices and techniques which give shape to the modern process of the science.

In addition to delineating the current trends and developments in the dairying field, the text takes care to elaborate upon the whole industry, its revenues, prospects and challenges, with due consideration to the rapidly globalising dairy sector itself. Further, critical perspectives have been incorporated, which provide fresh insights into the ways in which dairy management is rapidly assuming new dimensions. It is hoped that the erudition and insight of the book serves well for the readers.

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