Farm Animal Surgery, 2nd Edition


Farm Animal Surgery, 2nd Edition by Susan L. Fubini and Norm Ducharme April 2016, In the 2nd Edition of Farm

Farm Animal Surgery, 2nd EditionAnimal Surgery we strive to update, correct, and improve upon the first edition. The contributors to our efforts include outstanding veterinary surgeons and clinicians from around the globe. We are so grateful for their input and shared experience.

We hope this serves as a useful tool for veterinary students, practitioners, and residents-in-training as well as individuals dealing with comparative species such as zoo medicine and surgery. We have attempted to provide a comprehensive array of surgical options for the most common conditions of farm animals, with an emphasis on dairy cattle. In the past, single-animal treatment in commercial herds and hobby farms formed the basis of our emphasis in traditional farm animals. The advent of rescue organizations has been a major event since the last edition that has “pushed us” at Cornell University Nemo Hospital for Farm Animals to develop and deliver a level of care that was not previously possible in production animals.

Therefore, sophisticated procedures are appearing in all farm animal species and are reflected in this edition. Some of the described procedures may not be appropriate in management of traditional farm animals versus zoo animal versus animals at rescue centers. The readers should take this into account.

This edition would not have been possible without the substantial efforts of the team at Elsevier: Penny Rudolph, Brian Loehr, and Cindy Mosher. Patty Reynolds from Cornell’s imaging section has been invaluable in finding radiographs. Lisa Mitchell from Cornell helped immensely with editing text and arranging figures for each chapter.

  • Consistent, logical organization makes it easy to find important information, with each section devoted to a single animal and chapters organized by body system.
  • Step-by-step guidelines cover bovine, sheep and goat, and swine surgeries by body system.
  • 775 full-color photographs and anatomic drawings illustrate common disorders, techniques, and equipment for large animal surgery.
  • Up-to-date information on key surgical techniques keeps you aware of advances in the field and practical knowledge of animal care.
  • 35 expert contributors provide a diverse, authoritative perspective on the many aspects of large animal surgery.
  • References are provided for very specialized procedures.
  • NEW surgical procedures are included for each species ― many with illustrated, step-by-step instructions.
  • NEW coverage of the physical examination includes cow, swine, goats, and sheep, to facilitate more accurate diagnoses of medical or surgical conditions.

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