Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology 2nd Edition PDF Book. The philosophy and rationale behind the first edition of Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology developed out of my experience, as a small animal internal medicine clinician, of teaching pharmacology to undergraduates and subsequently to practitioners.

Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology 2nd Edition PDF Book

Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology 2nd Edition PDF Book

It became clear as I strove to develop a course that would encourage understanding, facilitate deep learning and above all foster student interest and enthusiasm, that pharmacology cannot be taught in isolation from physiology, pathology or clinical medicine otherwise it becomes just a bewildering blur of drug names and doses. The same philosophy and rationale has informed the second edition.

The aim of the 2nd edition expands that of the 1st – to provide up to date drug information that is practical and relevant to students and practitioners, and sufficiently comprehensive to increase the reader’s under-standing of clinical pharmacology without being prescriptive. It is not intended to be a therapeutics or “how to treat” textbook – the drugs, not diseases, are the “stars”. Nor is it intended to be a complete pharmacological reference book.

The authors of the chapters are all recognized specialists in their field. They have an intimate understanding of how and why drugs are used in their area of clinical specialty and the clinical pharmacological features of the drugs that are relevant to the practicing clinician.

I hope that practitioners and veterinary students find the second edition of Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology an invaluable addition to the resources they access to increase and deepen their knowledge and understanding of drugs used in veterinary practice.

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