Truth behind DVM in PAKISTAN

Truth behind DVM in PAKISTAN is harsh. Dvm stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and the person who is doing DVM is known as Veterinarian, a veterinarian is also known as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary physician.

VMD and DVM are these same degrees?

Yes, these are same degrees VMD stands for Veterinary Medicine Doctor is like DVM known in some states of United States of America like Pennsylvania.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is a professional degree and have much scope in foreign countries like USA, Canada, and Australia.

DVM in Pakistan:

Dvm is a five-year program and done after intermediate studies. Its semester-based degree, you must study 10 semesters, 9 semesters consists of regular studies and final semester consist of Internship in industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Intermediate (F.Sc) and A level
  • Strong mind because you will be called as “Dangar Doctor “

Fee Structure for DVM in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, DVM is enrolled either in Public or government universities and private universities. In public universities, the fee of DVM is merely 80k in the first semester including hostel facilities and subsequent semesters up to 30k.

In Private universities, picture is different. The first-semester fee is 180k and in subsequent semesters up to 100k. think before you enroll yourself in DVM.

Thoughts of People About DVM in Pakistan:

People think that DVM is very important degree after MBBS or BDS, I want to tell them that scope was 20 years old. Now think before you enroll your friend, brother or any other person in this field.

The reason behind my words is that different universities have started competitive courses against DVM like Bs. Poultry, Bs. Dairy, Animal husbandry, LAD (Livestock assistant diploma). Due to this the value of the degree is 50% spoiled by the government itself. Universities are only collecting money from students and providing them degrees with little or no value. According to my own experience if you go for an interview in a private industry bachelor’s degree holder as mentioned above will be given preference because he took less salary than a DVM.

People also think that DVM has many government jobs, but the reality is dvm have zero jobs in the government-industry. It’s about three years the government of Pakistan still not announced jobs for DVM graduates and all the graduates are either involve in the Marketing of products or stay at home doing nothing.

People also think that DVM is equal to MBBS, yes DVM is equal to MBBS but not in Pakistan.

Why students choose DVM in Pakistan?

Most of the students after there intermediate studies work hard to take admission in MBBS but that is luck dependent and your hard work. if they failed to conquer MBBS they enroll themselves in DVM, every student you asked after their admission in DVM they will answer “ Yar merit nai Bna MBBS ka”. PMDC only allows up to 4200 MBBS degree holders every year and that’s an extremely good decision.


PVMC (Pakistan veterinary medicine council) registers all veterinary universities and students. should have to change their policies and try to give rank to DVM what they deserve. PVMC only collecting funds and doing nothing, they should have to know what their duties are and what they are doing. Everyday PVMC is registering new degrees and diplomas without knowing the demand of degree, just for collecting funds. For GOD sake PVMC opens your eyes and see you are spoiling the lives of students. PVMC should have to rectify their policies and make policies which are in the favor of students not PVMC itself. PVMC should have to stop producing quacks in industry second big reason in destroying the value of the veterinary profession in Pakistan.

Why choose DVM in Pakistan?

You can choose veterinary as a profession if you can build your business-like clinic, poultry and dairy farms feed for poultry and dairy. If you are looking for a job after DVM then DVM is not for you to try to enroll yourself in another field.

Why not choose DVM?

DVM have only marketing jobs in private industry, every person is not a marketer. So, think before you choose DVM because if you choose it you cannot turn back.

I have also done DVM and currently enrolled in M.phil Animal Nutrition from University and veterinary and animal sciences, if you need any information regarding DVM feel free to contact me.

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