Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics Ninth Edition PDF


It is with a great sense of pleasure, and relief, that the Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics Ninth Edition PDF has been completed. IL is sad that the late Professor Geoffrey Arthur did not live to see its completion; he died in March 2007 having just celebrated his 91st birthday. His contributions to the subject during his nearly 70 years as a veterinarian, both as a stimulating teacher and mentor and as a pioneer in veterinary clinical research, were immense. We dedicate this book to his memory.

Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics Ninth Edition PDF

Veterinary Reproduction And Obstetrics PDF

It is perhaps finding that one of the features of this ninth edition is that more of its contributors are from outside the UK than in previous editions; we have tried to ‘internationalize’ the contributors, who are from eight different countries.

The conception of this textbook was based on the translation into English, in 1938 under the watchful eye of the late Professor John George Wright, or what was considered at the time to be the definitive text in the subject: Geburtshilfe bei Rind und Pferd by Professor Franz Benesch, who was Professor of Obstetrics and Director of the Obstetrical Clinic in the Veterinary High School in Vienna.

Subsequently, J.C. Wright became co-author of the book entitled Veterinary Obstetrics , which was very much a tme description of the book, since, in the first edition published in 1951 under the authorship of Benesch and Wright, 55% of the 455 pages was devoted to classical veterinary obstetrics. Despite many changes, we have still retained some of the original diagrams.

In the first edition there were some excellent drawings of various fetal dispo­sitions by the late Mr A.C. Shultleworth, who was Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy at the University of Liverpool under Professor J.C. Wright. Initially in half-tone and meticulously drawn from postmortem specimens, they have been copied and modified in many other textbooks. A.C. Shuttle worth was a very fine artist, and it is fitting to recognize his legacy as an illustrator. In addition, we have also retained many of the photographs used by the late Professors Geoffrey Aithur and Harold Pearson in previous editions. Password:

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