Modern Livestock and Poultry Production 8th Edition PDF


Modern Livestock and Poultry Production 8th Edition PDF is designed for career and technical education students who require competency in all phases and types of livestock production. Its comprehensive, balanced development emphasizes readability, organization, and hands-on activities. The text is based on the most up-to-date information available and is applicable to all areas of the United States.

Modern Livestock and Poultry Production 8th Edition PDF

Modern Livestock And Poultry Production 8th Edition PDF

Section 1 includes a general introduction to the livestock industry—its history, the careers available, and the importance of safety and environmental considerations. Section 2 introduces the student to the topics of feeding and nutrition, while Section 3 provides a sound basis for the understanding and practice of animal breeding. Sections 4 through 11 detail the production of beef cattle, swine, sheep and goats, horses, poultry, rabbits, bison, llamas, alpacas, and ratites. Each section presents information on selection of the stock; feeding, management, and housing; diseases and parasites; and marketing. The section on horses also includes a chapter on training and horsemanship.

Every eff ort has been made to thoroughly update this very successful textbook. The eighth edition of Modern Livestock and Poultry Production adds all new, full color photographs. Over 400 color photos have been added of the most up-to-date animal agriculture practices to better facilitate learning and to hold student interest. Student Learning Activities have been added to every chapter to assist students in planning and conducting supervised agricultural experience programs. Updates and revisions have been made throughout the text to refl ect the most current information available.

The text is designed with the student in mind. Objectives at the beginning of each chapter focus attention on the information and skills to be learned and then tested in the review section at the end of the chapter. A bulleted format for important points, numerous subheads, and chapter summaries facilitate the learning process. A list of suggested activities at the end of each chapter provides the student and teacher with ideas for the hands-on experiences that are essential for success in the livestock production fi eld. Other outstanding features are the text’s many color illustrations, tables, and charts. An extensive appendix and expanded glossary are also included.

The Instructor’s Guide for Modern Livestock and Poultry Production pdf provides a list of equipment for teaching the course, suggestions for effective use of the text and Instructor’s Guide, a comprehensive list of livestock and poultry associations, lesson plan outlines, the major goal of each chapter, and answers to the end of chapter review questions. Objective tests for each chapter with answers are included. The Class master CD to accompany Modern Livestock and Poultry Production contains an extensive computerized test bank and Exam View Pro software test generator. The CD contains a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter, as well as educational games to make learning more interesting and effective. Password:

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