Veterinary Treatment of Sheep and Goats

By: Graham R Duncanson, Year April 2012, File Type: PDF

Veterinary Treatment Of Sheep And Goats

Sheep and goats are farmed worldwide for meat, milk, skins and wool. This diverse range of uses means that many people rely on these animals as a source of income, food and warm clothing, though they can also be kept as pets. With an accessible structure designed for use in the field, this book provides a general veterinary guide to treating common conditions in these animals.

The author hopes this book will be useful to veterinary practitioners throughout the world who are treating sheep and goats. Obviously there are some differences between wool sheep and hair sheep, and between dairy goats and meat production goats. These differences will be noted in the text. Each species will be described separately with cross-references where help­ful.

Sheep will be described first in each chapter, followed by goats. Where common names are given for plants, these are generally the names that are used in the UK, but some relate to plants from the USA or Australia.

Veterinary science is evolving at an ever-increasing rate and so some of this information may be out of date before publication. The author apologizes for this and for any inaccuracies. He hopes that these can be corrected in future editions and would be very grateful for any contact from readers via e-mail.

It is a useful field guide for the veterinary practitioner to have in her/his car, and is especially useful as it covers both species. I would imagine that many sheep and goat keepers could benefit from this book too. Download More: Veterinary Treatment of Sheep and Goats PDF Download

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