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Vitamins in Animal and Human Nutrition contains 19 chapters of concise, up-to-date information on vitamin nutrition for both animals and humans.

Vitamins in Animal and Human Nutrition

Vitamins In Animal And Human Nutrition

The first chapter deals with the definition of vitamins, general considerations, and the fascinating history of these nutrients. Chapters 2 through 16 discuss the 15 established vitamins in relation to history; chemical structure, properties, and antagonists; analytical procedures; metabolism; functions; requirements; sources; deficiency; supplementation; and toxicity. Chapter 17 deals with other vitamin-like substances, and Chapter 18 reviews the importance of essential fatty acids. The final chapter discusses vitamin supplementation considerations.

An earlier edition of this book with a somewhat similar title was published by Academic Press in 1989. The present book has been completely and vigorously revised with one additional chapter. In the last 10 years, a great deal of new information has been generated in the field of vitamins; this is reflected by the fact that more than half of all the references have been published since the first edition.

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It is hoped that this book will be of worldwide use and will continue, as the first edition, to be used as a textbook and as an authoritative reference book for use by research and extension specialists, feed manufacturers, teachers, students, and others. An attempt has been made to provide a balance between animal nutrition and clinical human nutrition. Likewise, a comparison between the balance of chemical, metabolic, and functional aspects of vitamins and their practical and applied considerations has been made.

A unique feature is the description of the practical implications of vita-min deficiencies and excesses and the conditions that might occur with various animal species and humans. A large number of photographs illustrate vitamin deficiencies in farm livestock, laboratory animals, and humans. Unlike other textbooks, this one places strong emphasis on vitamin supplementation in each chapter and devotes the last chapter to this subject.

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