Techniques in Large Animal Surgery 3rd Edition


Techniques in Large Animal Surgery 3rd Edition, The first two editions of Techniques in Large Animal Surgery have been well accepted, much to the credit of Drs. Turner and McIlwraith.

Techniques in Large Animal Surgery 3rd Edition

Techniques In Large Animal Surgery 3rd Edition

They have been excellent texts for the veterinary student and the large animal practitioner. I was fortunate to be able to take on the task when it came time to update the information for a third edition. I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to take such an excellent text and update it with new information and techniques.

The third edition of Techniques in Large Animal Surgery has been updated in response to the continued need for such a book for both veterinary students and large animal practitioners. There are some techniques that are time tested and continue to be included. There are other techniques that have been refined or replaced, and these are included in the new text.

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New information has been included in essentially every chapter. We have made extensive use of tables to simplify the information. The anesthesia section includes new and updated information on sedation and anesthetic agents. The instrument section has been evaluated, adding new instruments where applicable and removing outdated or unavailable instruments. The section on suture materials has been updated to include new materials.

There are new illustrations in the suture pattern section to better aid the practitioner with surgical techniques. The sections on wound management and reconstructive surgery have been increased to provide up-to-date information on wound care. Tables of required instrumentation have been added to all sections of the remaining surgical chapters to aid in surgical planning and preparation.

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