Are Human Foods safe for dogs? Foods dogs can eat


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I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today will discuss about the dogs feed. Are human foods safe for Dogs? if the answer is yes which foods are safe for dogs and what are the benefits of using these foods. So, start our discussion hope you guys get benefit from this.

First i will told you about people when they visit Nearby veterinary clinic. Common questions asked by clients are given below;

  1. Which human foods can dogs eat?
  2. Which foods can harm dogs?
  3. Are Human Foods safe for dogs?

As you know that dogs have different digestive system and their mechanism of digestion is also different. It means that some foods that we can eat are useful for dogs and can use them in their daily feed. These foods have many benefits regarding the health status of dogs.

list of human foods safe for dogs are given below;

Which human foods can dogs eat?

Human foods safe for dogs are given below,


Apples are enriched with vitamins, these are best source of vitamin A and C for dogs. Apples are also source of fiber which helps in maintaining gut health of dogs. Feeding rotting apples to your dogs is very harmful lead to Alcohol poisoning in dogs.

can dogs eat apple - VeterinaryDiscussions

can dogs eat apple – VeterinaryDiscussions


Carrots are very delicious and healthy food for dogs. it develops chewing behavior in dogs. carrots have medical importance in dogs as it promote dental health and remove plaque from teeth. it is enriched with vitamin A so, a good source of vitamin for dogs as carrot are not expensive. excessive carrot feeding lead to toxicity.

White Rice:

White rice is also healthy for dogs. it is a food of need whenever the stomach of dogs is upset. as rice bound wit stools. Too much feeding to dogs lead to high blood sugar level. Avoid feeding in dogs having diabetic problem.

Milk Cheese and yogurt:

These products are used in very small amount is dogs feed. excessive use can lead to stomach problems as dogs are lactase deficient. Signs of lactose intolerances include diarrhea or vomiting after consuming anything that contains dairy.

Sea Food Like fish:

Fish are good source of protein for dogs. Shrimp and salmons are rich with proteins. Fish like Salmon have omega 3 fatty acids which boost the dogs immune system and make him feel immune.

Always serve dogs with cooked fish meal. uncooked fish is harmful for dogs.


Chicken is useful food in dogs with upset stomach.


Banana is good source of mineral like magnesium in dogs. Magnesium is useful in promoting skeleton growth and make the bones strong.

Avoid excessive use because of high sugar level.

Green beans:

perfect snack for dogs. These are enriched with calcium magnesium and fat slouble vitamin like Vitamin K.

Dogs can eat green beans cooked or raw.


Watermelon is safest food for dogs if we remove the seeds from water melon. they are enriched with water and vitamins.

water is helpful in maintaining the hydration status of animals. Vitamins like A C and vitamin are present in Watermelon.


Cucumbers are healthy for dogs as they are low energy diet, and are safe for those who are overweight.

Cucumbers contains essential minerals and vitamins , such as vitamin K.

Here the end of discussion about Are human foods safe for dogs?

in next meeting we will talk about human foods harmful for dogs.



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