Ash Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab

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Ash Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab

Ash Estimation of Feed Stuff is second most easiest test performed in Nutrition laboratories of Feed mills and University labs. First easiest test is Moisture estimation you can read it by clicking in link. This test is also included in proximate analysis. 

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will discuss about Ash estimation of feed stuff. it is as easiest as Mositure estimation. basically feed stuff consists of dry matter and moisture, dry matter consists of organic and inorganic parts. organic matter include carbohydrates, crude protein, crude fiber, fats and vitamins etc while inorganic matter include Minerals and silica.

Principle of Ash Estimation:

The feed or feed ingredients contain both organic and inorganic matter. When this sample is  burnt at 650 C for 1.5 hours, organic matter is oxidized as carbon dioxide and remaining material is the  inorganic. 


  • weighing balance
  • China crucible
  • Heater
  • Muffle furnace
  • Tong


  1. Weigh empty crucible W1
  2. take 2 grams sample
  3. Place it on heater for about 15 minutes
  4. Then place it in Muffle furnace for 2 hours at 700 C
  5. After that remove sample from furnace with the help of tong and place in desiccator for sometime
  6. Weigh it again W2
Ash Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab

Ash Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab


%Ash = W2 – W1/ Sample weight * 100

Suppose take an example

sample weight = 2.490 g

W1 = 17.820 g

W2 = 17.852 g

%Ash = 17.852 – 17.476/2.490 *100

%Ash = 0.74 %

Ash is basically Minerals and silica contents of dry matter.

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