Moisture Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab


Moisture Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab

Moisture Estimation of Feed Stuff is one of the most common test performed in feed mills and nutrition lab. Moisture estimation done to check the water content in feed stuff. moisture estimation included in proximate analysis. This test is similar for Dry matter analysis, after removal of moisture the remaining material is dry matter.

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will discuss about Moisture Estimation of Feed Stuff in Nutrition Lab.

Moisture estimation is important for storage of ingredients, it is one of the easiest test performed in laboratory.

Principle of Moisture Estimation:

Composition of feed stuff varies greatly depending upon the moisture content. The moisture  of the feed stuffs is determined by heating the pre-weighed sample at 105°C under  atmospheric pressure. Water contents remove as vapors.

Apparatus for test:

Weighing balance, petri dish, hot air oven and desiccator


  1. Weigh empty petri dish W1.
  2. take 10 gram of sample in petri dish.
  3. place it in hot air oven at 135c for two hours.
  4. after two hours remove petri dish from the hot air oven and place in desiccator for sometime
  5. weight again W2.



% Moisture  = 100 – W2-W1 / Sample weight * 100

suppose sample weight is 11.821 grams

W1 = 31.141 g

W2 = 41.524

% moisture = 100 -(41.524- 31.141)/11.821 *100

% Moisture = 12.164 %

Moisture of corn is calculated by different method visit HERE

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