Cost of Producing a Chick: Complete Calculation


Cost of producing a chick is very important either economically and business perspective, most people do not know how to calculate the cost of producing a chick. Today i will teach how you can calculate it.

Cost of Producing a chick

Chick Producing Calculation

All figures used in calculation are supposition, 

Cost of Producing a Chick:

Total Feed Intake of a broiler Breeder female is 60 kg.

Cost Per Kg of feed = Rs. 40/-

Total Feed Cost per female = 60*40 =  Rs. 2400/-

Feed is 70% of total Cost  hence,

Total Cost of per female is = 2400*100/70 =  3428

Total cost of a female = 3428

  • Assume for each ten fertile females we need a male Then Male cost is 10% of female cost.

So, Male cost per female = 10%(3428) Rs. 343 per female

So cost of a fertile female= 343+3428  = 3771

  • Total Eggs Produced by a female = 180
  • Total Chicks Produced by a female = 140

Cost per egg = 3771/180 = 21

Cost per chick = 3771/140 = 27

Cost  is 27 rupees.

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