Storage and Withdraw of Corn in Silo


Storage and Withdraw of Corn in Silo is very important is modern era because these storage will be used in off season. Corn is a live ingredient, proper storage of corn is very important by maintaining the aeration, moisture, uniform temperature and insects.

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will discuss about Storage and Withdraw of Corn in Silo. Grain Storage Management;

Main process of the “Quality Management System” Requirement of all Industrial Standards and Food and Safety Laws
• ISO 22000
• GSP (Good Storage Practices)

Storage and Withdraw of Corn in Silo

objective of Corn storage in silo:

Main Objective of corn is given below;

  1. Preserving Value.
  2. Preserving Utility.

Enemies of Corn Quality:

Common enemies of corn are given below;

  1. Insects
  2. Moisture
  3. Heat
  4. Molds
Enemies of Corn Quality

Enemies of Corn Quality

Friends of Corn Quality:

  1. Selection
  2. Grain cleaning
  3. Sanitation
  4. Aeration
  5. Chemicals ( short chain volatile fatty acids, no residues and reduce PH)
  6. Maintenance

How to Store Corn ?

There are two ways of corn storage;

  1. Traditional system
  2. Advanced System

Traditional System:

it is the oldest method of corn or grain storage, in this method corn is stored in bags in warehouse.Traditional System’s Inefficient because of  following reasons;

Material Handling Reasons.
• Increased Volumes
• Labor shortage
Regulatory Reasons.
• Industrial Standards
• Regulatory standards
Economical Reasons.
• Cost of bags
• Cost of warehouse

Advanced System:

It is the use of modern technologies by storing corn in Silos. is is commonly used now a days in every feed mill.

Corn Storage Silos:

There are two types of silos for corn storage concrete and steel silos.

Why Steel Silos are better than Concrete Silos?

Economical than concrete, Designing, Construction, Ease of installation and Resale or Change of place.

Features of Steel Silo for corn storage:

Silo loading system
• Silo Un-loading System (Sweep augers, Side draw)
• Temperature monitoring system
• Aeration system
• Fumigation
• Level indicators
• Inside/out side ladders

Aeration System of Silo:

Aeration system of silo consists of following parts;

  1. Fans
  2. Transitions
  3. Flooring
  4. Venting

Why aeration of corn is important?

• To condition dry grain
• Conditioned grain
• Less mold/fungi growth
• Less insect activity
• Managed moisture
• Managed heat
• Improve chances of successful storage.

Silo aeration system

Silo aeration system

NOTE:  Grain condition can never be improved it can only be maintained.

Roof Vents of Silos are either mushroom shaped or elbow shaped.

Fumigation of silos:

Close / seal vent
• Sealable
• Recirculation System

Feed mill use Aluminum phosphide tablets for pest control in silos. Aluminum Phosphide 3tab / Ton, K-Othrine 200ml / litter, Tina kill 160 ml/ litter.

Corn Silo Filling:

Silos are filled with the pre cleaning of the ingredients. When vehicle passes from the visual examination test for corn, vehicle enters into the gate  and weighed on the scale. This is called its first weight. Then it is parked on the dumping pit for the corn. Selector checks every bag with sampling  probe for the expected fungal growth as they open the bags for emptying. Truck of corn is empty on this pit. Dumping pit has a chain conveyor on the bottom. This chain conveyor conveys the material and gives to the elevator. This elevator supplies the corn to the drum cleaner. Drum cleaner separates the threads or  any other foreign large particles. After it, material passes to the vibrating sieve; it separates the dust and corn cobs in two  separate fractions. After that material is supplied to the elevator which supplies the material to the conveyor  on the top of the silo. From this conveyor, material is dropped in the silo.

Corn withdraw from silos for use?

There is an underground trench which has conveyor for conveying the material which  comes from silo. The material is given to this conveyor by means of different outlets which are present on  the floor of silo. One technical thing is that first material is transferred to conveyor by means of outlet  which is present in center because it will lead to uniform withdraw of material from all  sides of silos. If we not follow this rule then it will lead to bending of silo due to load of material on one  side of silo. When 3 or 4 sheets remain then we open other outlets, and on the sweep auger.

Silo unloading Corn storage

Silo unloading

Silo unloading 1

Silo unloading 1 corn storage in silo

 Corn storage Silo unloading 2

Corn storage in silo Silo unloading 2

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