Importance of World Rabies Day 2019


Importance of World Rabies Day 2019


World Rabies Day 2019 is an international informational campaign which conducts the awareness of Rabies disease. It has been declared by international Human and Veterinary health organizations such as the World Health Organization. Rabies is a zoonotic disease with a worldwide burden of approximately 59,000 humans death in a year. Clinical symptoms of rabies are fever, headache, Nausea, Excessive salivation, fear of water, insomnia, partial paralysis and symptoms start 3-6 weeks after exposure(3). Rabies infection is spread through the rabies virus. Working in a laboratory with the rabies virus, Wounds which may help to spread rabies virus are the major risk factors of Rabies. Rabies virus is caused by dogs in 99% of human cases. Most cases occur in Asia and Africa. Technovets organizing an event of poster competition on rabies day on 27th September 2019.

Importance of World Rabies Day

Importance of World Rabies Day 2019

Rabies Vaccines: 

Different rabies vaccines like Protein vaccine, Adjuvanted rabies Vaccines, Genetically modified rabies virus, Genetic Vaccines, RNA vaccines, DNA Vaccines, Viral vector vaccines are used against rabies. These vaccines are available in all 23 countries. But there is no treatment once the clinical sign observed.

Route of administration of Rabies Vaccines:

In Pakistan route of administration are intradermal and intramuscular, vaccine accessibility is limited and available free of cost in Pakistan. To reduce the risk of rabies Vaccinate your pets, keeps your pets confined.

Rabies awareness:

Awareness campaign on world rabies day is observed on September 28. The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences also organized a walk and several seminars for the students of the university.Vice-ChancellorProf.Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha organized this walk along with Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Masood Rabbani, UVAS Senior Tutor Prof DR Kamran Ashraf, Incharge pet center Prof Dr. Asim Khalid including Chinese delegation and a large number of students and faculty members. The aim of this walk or seminars was to educate or aware people about disease and vaccines. It was organized to nominate the importance of the day.

World Rabies Day 2018:

That’s the glimpse of world rabies day celebrated by University of veterinary and animal sciences in 2018 in collaboration with Pet center.

Importance of World Rabies Day 1

Activity on Rabies control

Importance of World Rabies Day 2

Activity on Rabies control

Importance of World Rabies Day 3

Activity on Rabies control

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