Save Pet Save Life World Rabies Day 2019

Save Pet Save Life is thought of the day, this can only be achieved by vaccination of stray dogs. On this World Rabies day 28th September 2019, we will promise to each other to take part in the eradication of Rabies.

Hello Everyone, I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today I will share some information about Rabies and World Rabies Day.

What is Rabies?

Rabies is associated with the rabies virus of the genus Lyssavirus of the family Rhabdoviridae. The genus is composed of at least six genotypes. It was recognized long ago that the strain of virus known as the ‘ street’ rabies virus differed in some way from ‘fixed’ strains which had been cultivated for vaccine production (grown in cell culture or passaged through serial generations of laboratory animals). It is now known that there are several strains of the rabies virus, which are adapted to the particular host species but remain infective for any warm-blooded mammal. Rabies is a very deadly virus and its route of transmission is the bite of rabies-infected animals.

List of Animals which transfer Rabies:

  • Raccoons are cute and furry but they can cause RABIES.
  • If you find a bat in your room, tell an adult. Bat bites can be very small, so if you were sleeping you might not know if you were bitten. Bat bites don’t always wake you up. Bats transfer Rabies virus.
  • Foxes are also cute and furry but they can cause RABIES. Did you know that baby animals can also have rabies?  They probably get it from the mother’s saliva (but only if the animal’s mother has rabies). So stay away from baby wild animals, even though they are very cute.
  • Have you ever studied about Punxsutawney Phil, the GROUNDHOG who comes out on February 2nd to see if he can see his shadow?  If he does see his shadow, then we will have 6 more weeks of winter.  If he doesn’t, then some people think we will have an early spring. But remember, groundhogs can be cute and furry but they can cause what?  RABIES!!
  • Cats can get rabies if they haven’t been vaccinated and a rabid animal attacks them.  Cats can then pass rabies on to you or another animal.  That’s why you should be sure to get your cat vaccinated and keep your cat up-to-date on its rabies vaccinations.
  • Dogs are also a source of Rabies.

Methods of Rabies transmission:

The source of infection is always an animal, and the method of spread is almost always by the bite of an infected animal, although contamination of skin wounds by fresh saliva may result in infection. Not all bites from rabid animals result in infection because the virus is not always present in the saliva and may not gain entrance to the wound if the saliva is wiped from the teeth by clothing or the coat of the animal. The virus may appear in the milk of affected animals, but spread by this means is unlikely as infection. The rabies virus is relatively fragile, susceptible to most standard disinfectants, and dies in dried saliva in a few hours.

Rabies Free World:

Students of the university and animal sciences Lahore are working to control the Rabies and are vaccinating the stray dogs in village areas because most of the cases are reported in village areas, but nowadays in Karachi a lot of cases of rabid dogs bite are seen. Government of Pakistan should have to play their role in control rabies transmission. Strict policies should be announced, I am not in favor of killing of animals, the only way left is vaccination.

Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day activities

Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019 4
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019 2
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019
Rabies Free World on World Rabies Day 2019

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