Moisture Detection of Corn by Dickey John


Moisture Detection of Corn by Dickey John

Moisture Detection of Corn is important after cultivation. Corn is a live ingredient and cannot be stored at high moisture content. Corn stored in silos below 14 percent moisture content.

hello everyone, I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will talk about Moisture Detection of Corn by Dickey John.

What is Dickey john?

Dickey John is the name of instrument used to measure moisture content of corn. This is one of the easiest test performed in lab of nutrition either in feeds mill or universities.

Why Moisture detection of Corn is important?

Moisture represents the amount of water content in grains. Grains cannot be stored at high moisture content because they are live and at high moisture there are 100 percent chances of fungal contamination. At high moisture grain start growing.

What is Silo?

Silo is a storage device in which corn or any other ingredients like sorghum, wheat are stored for long time. Silo are of different capacities 2000 tons and 2500 tons etc. Silo provide protection of insects. Silo is the storage structure for the bulk storage of grains. In silo, free floating ingredients like corn, rice etc. can be stored to grab the seasonal  opportunity and to ensure their quality. There are different companies like Brock and GSI that install the silo. Silos have different aeration pattern on floor on both sides of withdrawal holes, from which  air moves to the top and exhaust from upper 8 outlets. Silos are filled with corn during the season. 

Moisture detection of Corn  in Lab:

Principle of moisture detection:

Composition of feed stuff varies greatly depending upon the moisture content. The moisture  of the feed stuffs is determined by heating the pre-weighed sample at 105°C under  atmospheric pressure. Water contents remove as vapors.

Calculation of Moisture:

% Moisture  = 100 – W2-W1 / Sample weight * 100

Steps for Moisture Detection:


First step in moisture detection is sampling of corn, corn is either sample from truck or from silo. sample should be true representative of whole corn.

2- Filling of Dickey John:

After sampling fill the lid of device carefully.

3- Loading:

after filling of corn in lid, load the id on the device carefully.

4-  Balance and Moisture detection:

Balance the device and detect moisture.

Moisture acceptable level for storage is 14 percent in winter and 12 percent in summer, otherwise is applied on whole cart of corn.

Moisture Detection of Corn by Dickey John

Moisture Detection of Corn by Dickey John

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