Why Fat is Called Cold Nutrient


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is safe and sound. I am Dr. Kashif Amin and today we will discuss Cold nutrient and its use in animal nutrition. Read the whole and article give us valuable feedback. What do you know about Cold Nutrient?

What is Cold Nutrient?

A cold nutrient is a nutrient that increases the energy density of ration when the intake of dry matter is limited as in the case of ruminants high forage diet.

Which Nutrient included in Cold nutrients?

Fats are called cold nutrient because they increase the energy of ration without increasing the carbohydrate content of the ration or limit the use of carbohydrate in the ration. Fats provide 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates. 1 gram of fat on oxidation provides 9.1 kilocalories which are double than of carbohydrates that is 4 kilocalories.

Why Fat is Called Cold Nutrient?

Fats limit the need for energy-rich carbohydrates which are usually required in early lactation of ruminants when ruminants are in negative energy balance.

Cold Nutrient

Cold Nutrient

In hot season fats also used to control heat stress in ruminants and poultry. Cows should not feed more than 1.5 kg fats per day. The dry matter contains not more than 4 percent of lipids if bypass fat is not used. It could be up to 7 percent of bypass fat is present in the ration, bypass fats include calcium soap of fatty acids, palmitic acid, canola oil, etc. In poultry ration up to 4 percent to cope up Metabolizable energy.

If fats used more than 4 percent it decreases the milk protein, feed intake, and milk composition.




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